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    GTBracing Losi 5IVE T AL7075 shock suspension set(hard-anodized) LOSI 038

    GTB hard anodized processing 7075 - T6 CNC full metal leak-proof 4pcs shock absorbers FOR LOSI 5IVE-T

    1 : with full metal leak-proof processing , full-body hard oxygen shock proof bucket body more wear-resistant

    2 : metal fitted wave head copper sleeve

    3 : metal cover lock nut metal spring pallet hexagonal spring adjust nut

    4 : the improved spring wire , better anti fatigue

    5 : the use of fluorine rubber seal ring high quality rubber dust cover fitted split packing

    hard oxygen product surface : characteristics

    1 , aluminum alloy because oxidation surface hardness of the achievable hv500 ,
    2 , oxidating membrane thickness 25-250um .
    3 , strong adhesion , hard anodized according to the by oxidation feature : generated membrane have 50% permeates in aluminum alloy internal , insertio 50% in aluminum alloy surface .
    4 , insulation good : breakdown voltage 2000v reachable
    5 , wear-resistant : good performance for copper content more than 2% 's aluminum alloy its greatest abrasion resistance index for 3.5mg / 1000 turn . others all alloy abrasion resistance index shall not exceed 1.5mg / 1000 ring .
    6 , :none toxic oxide film used production anode oxide film electrochemical technology to deal with harmless
    therefore polydactyly industry in order to machining convenient , reduce the weight or products, eco-friendly requirements , some part of the aluminum alloy use hard anodized to replace stainless steel , traditional technology .

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    GTBracing FOR Desert Buggy XL Bold 5MM bolt dog bone XL005

    GTBRACING FOR Desert Buggy XL bold 5MM bolt dog bone

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    GTBracing FOR LOSI XL Rear Center Drive Shaft Mount XL004

    After GTBRACING team through various tests introduced enhanced shaft brackets, this time using the national standard high-strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6 CNC precision milling with CNC lathe to create out of the two-metal seal fittings using high-speed bearings to avoid accidents caused by high temperatures

    There are essentially full power of red and silver choice
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    gtbracing baja five strengthen cooperation wheels rolling

    The launch of new products through continuous testing a combination of plastic with metal wheels

    Suitable models: baja5B bajaSS

    Design basis using high-strength nylon wheels, with high strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy spokes of binding

    To achieve the perfect combination of metal and nylon plastic, do not worry about the use of metal wheels easily deformed problem occurs, do not worry about dropping the hexagonal hub adapter

    The nylon plastic metal spoke wheels, the pressure within the pressure ring nylon ring, pressure ring outside a large area of metal clamping ring

    A car parts are: 2 front wheels 2 rear

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    GTBracing baja four brake hydraulic system GR077

    GTB RACING 2014 baja new four hydraulic brakes

    The GTBRACING team players for the domestic requirements for two generations to make a major improvement in the braking system upgraded version 4 brake system

    Product Features

    1: the use of leverage design to increase four main pump the brakes fixed split, custom oil pot seals, automatic fill oil, drained, riveting seal the filling hole, so that the seal leakage of 99% does not exist easier to maintain
    2: the use of ultra-small split fixed dynamic super sports red calipers. Carbon fiber friction block design, center fixed brake friction plate design, return quickly to avoid stuck, wear inconsistency occurs
    3: According to the 2nd generation carbon fiber brake discs brakes improved widened hexagonal core area fixed, smaller natural heat
    4: New Free E card with an adapter, the adapter is lengthened so that the body is more stable and effective 7MM
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    2012 GTBRacing NEW BAJA 3 SPEED

    Thank you for purchasing the GTB Racing Baja 3 Speed Transmission which has been designed and developed by our in house engineers. Your passion will be our power of constant innovation. We hold the principles of the concept of innovation and technology, Consistent to make the best and greatest upgraded accessory products for racing car vehicles.

    The following are the specifications for our 3 Speed Transmission:

    First Gear Ratio:                17T : 57T

    Second Gear Ratio:           21T : 53T

    Third Gear Ratio:              26T : 48T

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